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Lucan & Roods Top Field

Marius Lucan and Scott Roods shared top honors in TCC No. 86 with a score of 6-1. Michael Bascon took the under 1600 prize with a score of 4-3. The 12-player event ended November 24. This month was more predictable than October, except for the games of 7-year-old Jacob Wang who made his first appearance

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Tuesday Night Changes

There are some scheduling updates in regard to the curfew and the holiday. With respect to the new Covid-19 curfew: TCC will only be playing one round of G/45+5 this coming Tuesday, Nov. 25, and this will complete the November 2020 tournament. For December, TCC’s Tuesday night tournament will temporarily move to a time control

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Lucan Awarded Fischer Prize

For his perfect 10-0 score in TCC #84 against exceptional chess players, TCC awarded Marius Lucan with a beautiful Bobby Fischer trophy. Congratulations Marius.

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Lucan’s Romp is a 10

With a perfect score of 10-0, Marius Lucan won clear first place in TCC No. 84 by 1.5 points. The 10-round Swiss ended Sept. 29. NM Vadim Kudryavtsev was runner-up at 8.5-1.5. Here is a game from the event:

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Arnold Sweeps JJ Finals

Lily Arnold scored a perfect 4-0 in the Summer 2020 Junior Joust Finals. Her impressive performance earned her clear first place by a full point. Runners-up at 3-0 were Brandon Yu, Gavin Ebreo, and Lily’s sister Hannah Arnold. The 4-round Swiss was held on September 26, 2020.

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What Our Clients Say

My Kids love it here! Always feel welcome and Coach Paschal is the best! He makes it a very fun and friendly environment. My kids have learned So much! He brings his skills, passion for the game and brings out the best in everyone!

My kids love it here!

( Robin Bennett )

Temecula Chess Club is a chess wonderland. In my 30 plus years of playing chess, I have never seen a more inviting place to play chess. The staff is friendly and courteous and the club has the best coaching, equipment, books, videos and more to offer an aspiring player. This club frequently hosts Chess Grandmaster Silmutaneous Exhibitions to include visits from GM Larry Christiansen, GM Varuzhan Akobian, and GM Melik Khachiyan. TCC is a non profit organization that is committed to serving its community and surrounding areas with chess education and enjoyment!

Temecula Chess Club is a chess wonderland

( Scott Roods )

I have a schedule change at work coming soon and can't wait to Tuesday evenings at the club on a regular basis again. Best club I've ever attended and continues to get better.

Best club I’ve ever attended

( Gary Sisson )

Masters and Grand Masters are found here. Great place to improve my play and great people to have as friend and comrades!

Great place to improve

( Larry Morley )

I've been in 6-8 chess clubs in my life and the only one I'd be willing to travel 40 minutes to on a semi-consistent basis is the Temecula Chess Club. They have friendly staff, strong and friendly people, excellent equipment (which is provided to players for free), and a strong community vibe.

They have friendly staff, excellent equipment, and a strong community vibe

( David Dashoff )

It is an opportunity to play challenging games with highly rated players in a quiet and safe environment. If you need help there are players who can teach you and help your rating go up. Technical support is also available if you need access to data bases and / or learning aids. Friendly players from all walks of life and all age groups are at the Temecula chess club to make your chess experience a great one. You owe it to yourself to come on in and play. Bring a friend!

An opportunity to play challenging games

( Lawrence Popplewell )

My kids have fun going there. They’ve learned so much.

My kids have fun going there

( Megan Linh Thai-Yu )

- Very professional chess club - Enforcing the laws of chess in tournaments - Very friendly chess environment - Very nice club, facilities and location - Lots of events, including the CA state Championship, this year - Very knowledgeable personnel - Digital boards and broadcasting for the first boards in classic tournaments. - Top chess instructors in the area.

Very professional chess club

( Rialto Chess Club )

My son was invited to a tournament that took place at the club on a weekend. He had a great time and was focused and critically thinking for hours straight - by choice - while the Xbox gathered dust. It was amazing. Definitely love the Temecula Chess Club!

My son had a great time

( Casi Mayo )


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